How to Make Earwax Hash

21 10 2012
Pandoras Box EarWax Hash

Pandoras Box Wax

First I have to say this is a very dangerous way to make your home-made hash.

So to start you’re going to need a well ventilated area that has no flame remember this is butane. I use the barn and don’t forget to turn on fans for ventilation. Selecting the type of butane is a personal preference, the lower grade the butane the lower grade the product.

I have found out using cheap butane to save a few bucks is something I don’t suggest. The last taste of the product is distorted because of it.

Then you add some trimmings or flowers, about an ounce of flowers makes any where from 1 to 3 grams of finished product. The flavor and look of the finished product is contingent on what you use.

I would suggest using flowers for smaller personal batches. Next you will need a tube to place your ground up cannabis, I have used PVC tubes they are usable and inexpensive however the ear wax may get a plastic aftertaste.

Stainless steal or Pyrex glass tubes are very effective. With the glass make sure it can handle the extreme cold temperature of the butane. You can find a number of web sites that offer BHO tubes. Also you are going to need a glass Pyrex bowl or baking dish to let the butane and oil separate. Let’s get started.

• 1 Well ventilated area
• 1 fire extinguisher and thick blanket
• Leather gloves
• 1 BHO extraction tube
• 1 ounce of grade A marijuana
• Two 12 oz canisters of 5x filtered butane
• 1 Pyrex dish
• 1 stainless steel fork

Step 1: Get together your fire extinguisher, blanket and gloves. In your well ventilated and flame free area.

Step 2: Grind up your marijuana with hand grinder or blender and place into the extraction tube.

Step 3: Use the adapters on the cap of butane container to fit the hole on the extraction tube.

Step 4: put on gloves and hold tube over the Pyrex dish.

Step 5: Flush the marijuana with the butane by inserting the adapter into the ready-made hole on the top of the tube. Use both cans replacing the first as quickly as possible.

Step 6: Let the butane liquid evaporate this takes a while (patience it’s worth it)

Step 7: After all the butane has evaporated off and the honey oil is covering the dish heat up a pot of water to a boil and place the bottom of the dish into the water just until the oil is movable with the fork. Remove from water and mix with fork until it becomes chunky.

Now you have made earwax hash congratulations if you did it without hurting yourself. As I said this is a very dangerous way to make hash at home and we should just leave it up to the professionals that do this every day in a safe and controlled environment with top of the line equipment.




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