Making medicated cannabis butter

21 10 2012

Making a good medicated cannabis butter starts with your marijuana. The strength and taste of your butter will depend on the type of marijuana you choose.

For example you can use trimmings, stocks, branches, and of course the flower. Which ever way you go, it will be effective butter in the end. So choose the portion of the plant you will be using and grind it up. I use an old blender for this normally it’s easier to do a larger amount.

How to make medicated butter

Medicated butter


• 1 lbs of butter (not margarine)
• 1 cup of water
• 1 ounce of flowers ground up

Make sure you have time for the simmering. Wash your hand. Slowly melt butter in a large pot on low heat stirring constantly so not to burn the butter. Mix in the ground up plant matter into the warm butter, slowly add the water and bring to a simmer while still stirring.

Here is where it becomes a waiting game. You can let the mixture simmer of a minimum of 3 hours, however if your patent and wait the longer the better. But don’t go over the 24 hour mark remember to add water as needed for longer periods.

After waiting remove pot from heat and let cool for a moment. Use a cheese cloth or strainer to catch the plant matter as you pour the butter into a separate bowl. Place butter in refrigerator until hardened. When solid pour off any excess water and remove the butter from the dish. Scrape off any missed plant matter that has sunk to the bottom. (If any plant matter is still in the butter re-melt and strain until none remain). After all plant matter has been removed cover and store in you refrigerator.

Freezing the butter will help it keep longer if you don’t intend on using it all at once. This can be added to all sorts of dishes or even in your morning toast. As always remember this is a medicated product so use with care and keep out of reach of children.

Tools needed:

• Patience
• Large pot
• Wooden/ plastic spoon
• Cheese cloth or fine strainer
• Clean glass or metal bowl for warm mixture




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